“The Orb”

Coaching people to do things they have never done physically is one of my favorite things in life. Coaching them to go to another place, beyond the physical, is why I do what I do… This place, beyond the physical, I often refer to as going to see, “The Orb”. This is where time truly collapses. Future and past merge into a single minded focus and determinism that allows pain thresholds to go through roof… And going here often unleashes emotional fear, pain and hurt. In this realm I find that people (athletes of all levels) are open to learn what it really means to, “go to the next level.” The lessons on this plane, in this space, are often very difficult, if impossible to put into words. In fact, I don’t feel they should be put into words. Rather, accessing this with consistency, humility, and an understanding that it is an experience without a strict definition is the key to growth. In this video moments after Corey visits “The Orb” en route to a 15 second PR on 500m row he has a “Kriya” (Sanskrit word translated to spiritual surrender or breakdown). This moment happened to be captured and as bad as the audio is I believe it worth sharing. This journey with Corey is powerful. But I believe the power isn’t in the performance, but rather the vulnerability. With a few tears he learns more about himself in one session than he has in 2 months of training….

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