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Podcast coming

Positivity Project Task for March 11, 2013: Interview Sal Masakela for my upcoming Podcast series (to be released in April!). Small seed, big ideas, real stuff… working to make the world better…

Death as a reminder – Jon Gilson

This was a FB post I caught from a friend, and world class dude: Jon Gilson. Fired me up and I had to share: “Everything ends eventually. Me, you, stars, galaxies, governments, everything. On its face, this could be an incredibly dispiriting concept, a resignation to fatalism and predestination. Yet I pass graveyards, and I […]


For those of you that want to join me, this entry starts a long, long journey to change the world… For the last 3 months I’ve been intentionally dormant providing content for the website. I’ve felt that although what I was doing had solid intent, it didn’t have, “the teeth,” I wanted it to. Effectively, […]