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Bigger than ego

One of the biggest lessons emphasized by my coach Mark Divine (and incidentally repeated in different iterations with every significant coach and mentor I’ve ever had) is that when you are in service to something greater than self your output can increase – often significantly. That if you can quiet the ego and, “Monkey Mind,” […]

Mental Toughness

The “Mental Toughness Day”:More than anything – “MT” days are opportunities to work on breath and mind control. The idea is simple yet challenging to master: Control your breath and thoughts. Generally, we turn off the clock for these workouts. If you walk away from the workout with a sense that you were able to […]

The Ice Tank at Kokoro

This was one of the hand full of videos that made it out of Kokoro 20 (Fall of 2011). This video was at the end of 50 hours of learning, and getting my arse handed to me: one of the best experiences (excluding the ice bath) I’ve had in my adult life.Also, here is a […]