KK’s training template

Sometimes you push and you push and push and run into walls. I’ve spent a lot of my life running into those walls. Recently however, I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough and I want to share what I’ve been working on. It’s the training template that I’ve developed that we are starting to use at Crossfit Los Angeles. I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to have a student body of 350 people give this thing a crack. I’m also incredibly grateful for a staff (Andy, Logan, Stanwyck, and Jonesy especially), that has assisted me in my whiteboard filled, legal pad scribbled, “What the hell is Kenny talking about?!” – into a form that a broad range of people and ability can gain (we believe) from.

Effectively and to keep it simple (as I’ll go into more detail down the road,) the program is based first on mindset and second on physical adaptation. IN THAT ORDER. Each day students/athletes will workout based on the idea of a “Training day” (or T), “Competition day,” (or C) or a “Mental Toughness day” (or MT). This gives a context for which the athlete is to prioritize for any given class.

On a T (Training) days the athlete and coach are to prioritize the quality of the movement: Athletes will focus on honing their individual skill and body mechanics. Here, I apply the, “80% rule” and keep, with a few exceptions, the athletes training in controlled intervals. (I predict that I may get some push back from elite coaches, etc – which I’m highly prepared for…).

On C (competition) days we focus on the mindset of, “Going for it.” Here, we ask the athlete/student to pick a point of competition – something that will motivate them deeply – whether that’s competing with someone of like ability, a time from another class, or simply competing against oneself against a previous PR, the the idea is to intentionally create some pressure and use that as a tool to improve self.

Next, we have MT (Mental Toughness) days. These, in general, are longer, grueling workouts that take a toll on body and the mind. The focus here is breathe. We focus on the meditative quality of being in great degree of physical pain, breathing through it and learning to stay calm with breath technique. Ultimately, these workouts aren’t about the clock – it’s about who you are when the dookie starts to really hit the fan. Come back to the breath and mentally control negative thoughts.

Finally, this program has, what I’d consider, a comprehensive and intelligent layout over a 12 week training cycle with a test/retest component. In the 12 week cycle athletes will find a progression to almost all of the fundamental aspects of movement: pulling, pushing, squatting, pressing, jumping, lifting, running and rowing. The plan is to methodically (not randomly) advance a broad range of athletes concisely as possible given current science.

More later as I’ve gotta get down to Orange County to help MC the OC Throwdown. Boo yeow!!!

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