Kamrynn – the person I’d die for

First I gotta give big ups to my boy Tyler Quinn out of CFSP – kid knows his stuff! More on him in the future…

Today I’m writing about a, “Mental Toughness,” (MT) workout that we are doing at my home gym at Crossfit Los Angeles. One member of the staff (Michael Stanwyck) came up with the idea of naming the WOD (Workout of the Day) after my daughter Kamrynn. In the context of Mental Toughness I think about Kamrynn and I can’t keep from crying as I type… I would die for my seed… People can make this workout about whatever they need to. For me, the context of fighting for something you love more than anything broadens the scope and depth of just another day at the gym. It makes EVERY BREATH critical – it makes the moment truly connected and timeless. It makes every push, pull, squat, lift and step fill with meaning, power, heartache and love. This workout isn’t about your performance – it’s about accessing a deeper level of self by exposing your heart, and finding a deeper level of self.

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