Dancing with Gaylord Perry

Tonight I worked in AZ as part auctioneer, part comedian to raise money for ABC (Arizona Baseball Charities). At the end of my set I asked Gaylord Perry to come on stage as I’d been workin’ him a bit (i.e.”You like like Santa….” “If I had a name like Gaylord I’d pitch mad and nab a coupla Cy’s and make over 3500 batters eat it…”). He was a GREAT sport. At the end of my set I asked him to come on stage. He did. I then taught him a dance and not only did the crowd love it, but so did his wife.
I don’t really know what to say about this other than I learned, yet again, to stay open to the power of what is right in front of you. There were 45 MLB players at this event. Yet Gaylord was the man in the room full of Alpha Males…. He wasn’t the man because he had more machismo or bravado, but because he was open to the silliness of the moment, and humor of the moment…

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