Contribute to Awesomeness or Dookiness?

An old mentor of mine once asked: “Are your actions contributing to the joy of the world or are they contributing to the misery?” To me this is such a simple, clear and profound way to look at the world. Subsequently, I’ve asked that question of myself hundreds of times since. That question is the genesis of this website – the very notion of a “Positivity Project”…

I’ve tweaked the idea just a little bit but effectively the mission and intent of this blog is this: Contribute to the awesomeness of the world vs. contributing to the dookiness through coaching and performing.

I have no real destination point or end goal other than to chronicle and share what I learn from my athletes and doing shows… I will highlight colleagues, athletes, and artists that are offering unique ways of improving our health, wellness, fitness, and human potential… Additionally and my guess is that we might bump into a lil’ laughter, motivation and inspiration on this ride….

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