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“Competition Days”

“Competition Days” The intent of, “Competition Days,” is to put intentional pressure and stress on your mind and body to perform optimally. Unto itself this is a skill that takes practice. On a competition day you want to walk away knowing you allowed your skills to flow out out of you to the very best […]

Training Day

The very foundation of the training template I’ve created is first based on the mind (mindset used for workout itself) and second on the body (a set of specific, planned stimuli for physical adaptation). IN THAT ORDER. What I’ve observed over the years is that the mental relationship people have with Crossfit (and other fitness […]

KK’s training template

Sometimes you push and you push and push and run into walls. I’ve spent a lot of my life running into those walls. Recently however, I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough and I want to share what I’ve been working on. It’s the training template that I’ve developed that we are starting to use […]

The Ice Tank at Kokoro

This was one of the hand full of videos that made it out of Kokoro 20 (Fall of 2011). This video was at the end of 50 hours of learning, and getting my arse handed to me: one of the best experiences (excluding the ice bath) I’ve had in my adult life.Also, here is a […]

John Hackleman: In the moment

This last weekend I spent with a good friend and colleague, John Hackleman at The Pit in Arroyo Grande. He’s nuts, opinionated, incredibly goofy, and he always says what’s on his mind. We run retreats/seminars together and I often feel like he’s the crazy uncle that says way too much at Thanksgiving and sends the […]


For those of you that want to join me, this entry starts a long, long journey to change the world… For the last 3 months I’ve been intentionally dormant providing content for the website. I’ve felt that although what I was doing had solid intent, it didn’t have, “the teeth,” I wanted it to. Effectively, […]

“The Orb”

Coaching people to do things they have never done physically is one of my favorite things in life. Coaching them to go to another place, beyond the physical, is why I do what I do… This place, beyond the physical, I often refer to as going to see, “The Orb”. This is where time truly […]

Heart and Intensity

In 6 weeks Corey Reed has learned double unders, box jumps, Snatches, cleans, deadlifts, kipping pull-ups, pistols and the list goes on… All of this one one leg and no sight… I wanted to post this to show what heart and intensity feel like to me. Gotta love that the Dropkick Murphy’s happen to be […]


Corey Reed continues to prep with TEAM CFLA for the Sicist of the Southwest. Today, we rocked another movement that seems to evade most when first learning – The Pistol. Commitment, heart and a bit of faith are getting us there…

Spirit of The Games winner

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Spirit of the Games winner – Deb Cordner Carson over the last few years. She may be quiet by nature, but man is she cray-cray lethal as a CF athlete! Overcoming lymphedema and the water/swim thang (not knowing how to swim) – she is placed 13th overall […]