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Kamrynn – the person I’d die for

First I gotta give big ups to my boy Tyler Quinn out of CFSP – kid knows his stuff! More on him in the future… Today I’m writing about a, “Mental Toughness,” (MT) workout that we are doing at my home gym at Crossfit Los Angeles. One member of the staff (Michael Stanwyck) came up […]

Happiness = Flow

This Ted talk excerpt is from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. I cannot think of another body of work that has influenced my professional and personal life more. In fact, the very idea of the Positivity Project is largely inspired by the work he has cultivated over the last several decades. Fundamentally, we are all looking to find […]

Lindsey Valenzuela

The goal, the intent, and mission of what I’m doing is to add to the joy of the world… Last night on the WODCAST PODCAST (a weekly show I co-host) we had Lindsey Valenzuela on as our guest. They call her “The People’s Champ” for a reason – it’s her essence. As a human being […]

Pep Talk

Emily Hacker, one of my athletes, sent this vid to me over the weekend. In it, lil’ man, AKA Kid President says it best, “We were made to be Awesome!…. Create something that will make the world awesome.” Couldn’t say it any better…. Again the idea here is simple: Are we contributing to the joy […]

Dancing with Gaylord Perry

Tonight I worked in AZ as part auctioneer, part comedian to raise money for ABC (Arizona Baseball Charities). At the end of my set I asked Gaylord Perry to come on stage as I’d been workin’ him a bit (i.e.”You like like Santa….” “If I had a name like Gaylord I’d pitch mad and nab […]

Mental Toughness

The “Mental Toughness Day”:More than anything – “MT” days are opportunities to work on breath and mind control. The idea is simple yet challenging to master: Control your breath and thoughts. Generally, we turn off the clock for these workouts. If you walk away from the workout with a sense that you were able to […]

Steve Mazan – the Lance Alternative

Oprah, Armstong, and Te’o… last week was something with the weirdness, anger, righteousness, stench of a cover-up(s?) amplified by the speed of media – amplified even further by humanity’s ability to judge and generate opinions. Part of me wanted to knee jerk write/slash react. However, a great weekend with my daughter, time WAY better spent […]

Death as a reminder – Jon Gilson

This was a FB post I caught from a friend, and world class dude: Jon Gilson. Fired me up and I had to share: “Everything ends eventually. Me, you, stars, galaxies, governments, everything. On its face, this could be an incredibly dispiriting concept, a resignation to fatalism and predestination. Yet I pass graveyards, and I […]