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“Have 3 beers” (KK wod-date 3.7.2)

If you are following our programming you know that today we ran hill sprints. Specifically, the “Franklin Hill Mashup.” The interesting thing about programming, coaching and leading a community of people onto the hill 3-4 times a cycle (in my view not enough…) is that there is often a general conflict between the irrefutable POSITIVE […]

Bigger than ego

One of the biggest lessons emphasized by my coach Mark Divine (and incidentally repeated in different iterations with every significant coach and mentor I’ve ever had) is that when you are in service to something greater than self your output can increase – often significantly. That if you can quiet the ego and, “Monkey Mind,” […]

Corey Reed, adaptive heros and Sealfit

Corey and I are doing the SealFit Challenge for Transition Possible: a non-profit organization serving wounded warriors with PTSD or TBI through adaptive sports, community involvement and career placement. We will have a chance to work with some remarkable heroes. Watch the vid and throw down a donation if you feel inspired.

Podcast coming

Positivity Project Task for March 11, 2013: Interview Sal Masakela for my upcoming Podcast series (to be released in April!). Small seed, big ideas, real stuff… working to make the world better…

The Face of Fitness

My friend Carlos Tapia is a hell of a photographer. He is putting his book, “The Face of Fitness,” together now by traveling all over the united states. He captures the athletes vulnerability immediately after they have just kicked ass. Check the vids to see interview with Carlos and see him work with Olympic hopeful […]