For those of you that want to join me, this entry starts a long, long journey to change the world…
For the last 3 months I’ve been intentionally dormant providing content for the website. I’ve felt that although what I was doing had solid intent, it didn’t have, “the teeth,” I wanted it to. Effectively, and for lack of better language, I’ve been stuck. So through a lot of consideration and meditation I’ve become much clearer and focused on what it is I’m doing. For any that have followed me in the past and those just joining me now the question that is providing directive here is simple: “Are your actions contributing to the awesomeness of the world or the dookiness?” (This based on a question a mentor, Mr. Nix, asked me when I was a teacher at his school, “Are your actions contributing to the joy or the misery of the world?”)
To be honest one of the things that has held me back is that I’ve been a little afraid to fully answer that very profound and powerful question publicly. Moreover, the idea of generating content intimidates the shizenvoggin outta me. Furthermore, I certainly don’t want this thing to play like it’s the, “Look at me, I’m Kenny Positive Kane, over the top ding sound, cheesy smile, and thumbs up, show!” Which it had/has the potential of becoming, but that is not the intent…

During the holidays I was talking with a colleague about the, “10,000 hour rule,” Malcolm Gladwell points out in his book, Outliers: The Story of Success. Basically, he says that it takes 10,000 hours/reps to get your bad-assery card in anything. Then I thought to myself, “Yo! Kane! What if you do 10,000 episodes/blogs/entries of doing something that you feel contributes to the awesomeness of the world?!” Snap. Rad and spooky all at once, right? The thought of 10,000 anything is daunting. Then I did the math… Assuming 5 episodes a week I’ll be done in just 38.46 years. What the? Seriously?! IF I can maintain that pace I’ll be f’n 80! Seriously? What a pain in the arse! And a great one at that. I’m in. Drop two tears in a bucket, take it to the stage! I’m going, I’m in. Focusing my life and work on spending the next 4 plus decades contributing to the joy of the world.

This can go a lot of ways – Edwin Moses over the hurdles through the 70’s and 80’s, my mom as a coach, Bill Gates knocking out 10,000 hours of programming before he was 20, Wilt Chamberlain with the ladies, Mother Teresa healing those in need and pain, and thousands of others that we may not know of or simply don’t hear about. Point is, there are peeps out there doing brilliant things to make a contribution vs. adding to the misery. My intent is to meet these people, interview them, report on the work they do, and share the things I’m learning along the way.

Does that mean this mission is gonna be all flowery and sugary sweet? Perhaps some may view it that way? But more than anything what I’m speaking into is our/my natural ability as human beings to unconsciously and habitually seek out the negative. I feel that if we aren’t consciously active about this, the fear, pain and insecurity that we all deal with can, over time, tortuously erode our spirits and souls. I’m one of the most naturally optimistic people I know. But don’t get it twisted, every day I struggle with finding balance, and that basic connection to life that instinctively we all want. To be candid, It is a lot easier to grind and get by than it is to step to darkness and fear. So accounting to this project puts some serious pepper on me. Some of the stuff may just be outright silly, some eps may miss the mark, but the intent will always be the same: Do everything I can to make this thang better. Let’s ride.

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