“Have 3 beers” (KK wod-date 3.7.2)

If you are following our programming you know that today we ran hill sprints. Specifically, the “Franklin Hill Mashup.” The interesting thing about programming, coaching and leading a community of people onto the hill 3-4 times a cycle (in my view not enough…) is that there is often a general conflict between the irrefutable POSITIVE […]

Bigger than ego

One of the biggest lessons emphasized by my coach Mark Divine (and incidentally repeated in different iterations with every significant coach and mentor I’ve ever had) is that when you are in service to something greater than self your output can increase – often significantly. That if you can quiet the ego and, “Monkey Mind,” […]

Happy People

Kenny has been my coach for the better part of 4 years now and I can honestly say our work together has been nothing short of remarkable.  I’ve been competing as an athlete for my entire life, but Kenny has taken me to another level.  By combining his vast experience with and knowledge of human movement and physiology, with an approach that emphasizes connection between body and mind, I am accomplishing things I never thought possible.  If you want to have a strong body and a stronger mind, not to mention a lot of fun, Kenny is your guy.

Kenny is the real deal.  Coach.  Trainer. Athlete.  Comedian.  Dancer.  Dad.  And all around great human.  He’s old school… one of the few guys that I know that prefers a good old-fashioned notebook to a computer.  He’s also very real – what you see is exactly what you get.  He’s a guy that walks his talk – using the things he’s learned in 25+ years of life as a professional performer and athlete to teach and train those he works with. He oozes enthusiasm, fun, and energy, and is incredibly skilled at drawing those traits out of others around him… creating an environment that others simply want to be part of.  He’s one of those people that you feel comfortable around almost the instant you meet him, in part because he doesn’t take himself or life too seriously. He wears his heart on his sleeve (in a good way), believing in the goodness of people and the indominable human spirit.  His word is his bond and has demonstrated time and again his willingness to do whatever it takes to honor his commitments.  He’s definitely the guy that you want on your team when the chips are down and the situation looks hopeless – he never loses the faith.